Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Weathering the Storm

It is a crazy thing that in the middle of your adult life that everything shifts in such a way as to create total chaos. I realize many things now about how comfortable I was before. Things are still really difficult for me and my family right now and will be for some time now. I am risking everything for CycleSpace, I have put myself and my family in harms way for the sake of what I believe will be the thing that changes my life forever. I am not backing down not one little bit. My wife and I had a good but difficult talk tonight. She is an incredible women. Time with her is precious because we really only get about an hour a day during the work week, this is very different from where we were before. I see my son some, but not like it used to be.

To add to things it looks like I will be getting a second job. This will be tough but is necessary to make ends meet. It will mean working about 19 hours a day including travel time, sleeping about 3 and 2 hours for family time. Again none of this is disheartening, it is just necessary for the sake of the goal.

CycleSpace is up in its primitive form, we are now making adjustments to make it user friendly and visually appealing. I am also preparing to launch the TV side of it. Tommy Wood is going to shoot some video of me doing some tricks and stuff to upload and get the ball rolling.

I am so looking forward to ending this season but it could be a while. On a personal note I went to my friend Nick's wedding and it was a blast, a true celebration. I also got to hook up with Josh and Anna, they are awesome people, and Shana and I love to hang with them. We hope to be able to spend more time with them. Good times, touch base later, must go to work.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Latest and Greatest

Well things are still on uneven ground in many areas but definitely making progress. I heard an interesting comment by a person who came in QT this week, after reading the headline in the newspaper about the immigration scuttle, this guys says "those bitches can stay at home where they belong..." I wondered what type of work this man was in, I wondered why he had such angst against Hispanic people? Did he not see the help they are to the economy? I thought it was sad to see this type of attitude, I know I have many of my own as well, but I still thought it was sad. I went back to youth this week, and shared what I felt the Lord had put on my heart. I felt it was well received. It was nice being back involved, but I don't know for how long.

Tonight I got a call from yet another person in the church who I think is moving on. In many ways I am so over all of this stuff. I just can't deal with it any more. I guess I take it very personal, and maybe I shouldn't. But they call and like yeah this and that, and then oh yeah how are you doing in your new job. I was like cordial but not much else. In fact when they said they wanted to meet up, I basically said they should talk to who was over their ministry now, and if they were leaving the church that was cool, but there was no need to meet. I think it took them back a bit. I am just not gonna hem haw around, if you wanna go cool, but I have better things to do with my time than leave what little time I have with my family to hear someone sit down to tell me they are leaving. I guess I do still have issues to deal with in that regard, but circumstances are different for me now, and my time is very precious.

Anyway God has shown me some cool things this week, and I am growing in ways I never anticipated, and that is cool.

As for my business things are going great, the site is up and becoming better by the day. It is a lot of work I will tell you that. It will be worth it soon because the response I am getting from people is awesome. I am in Birmingham AL. right now and there is a superbike race here this weekend, so there are tons of riders. I have had the chance to talk with several and they are stoked about the site. We are hoping to have it up in the first full phase by next Friday. After that the goal is 10,000 people in the first month. I have a person who is volunteering there time to be in charge of our sales and marketing. They are great on the phone and passionate about what we are trying to do. This will be a great fit.

I am also contacting some large companies to create win-wins for both them and us, to help take the site to the next level. I figure that at month 3 we will be profitable, and month 6 may need an investor to go to the next level. I am putting leads out right now to journalists who may be interested in hopping on board and writing for CycleSpace, this will prove to be an important part as well. Chad and Darrell are rocking and rolling working hard to accomplish the goals that we have set. I am so antsy to see what happens after this thing rolls out.

We will begin our PR campaign the first week of May, this is also important. Right now my main focus is to get people who are highly influential connectors on board, because when a connector is on board you are set.

Not much else, things are rocky at home, but we will weather the storm, and come through stronger than ever. I love my wife so much her unconditional love, and support of me, even when I don't deserve it is awesome. Hopefully the reward for the sacrifice is just around the corner.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Well one more day and then I have a couple of days off. Actually I have four days off, cause I am going to my friend Nick's wedding. I was honored that he asked me to be in it. I am looking forward to hanging out with Nick and Josh. I really enjoy their company even though I rarely get to hook up with them due to the changes over the last few months. Today got some pretty good news. It is likely I will start building my first house very soon, we could be closing this week. I am excited about that. I would still have to work at QT but after my first one sold I could quit. I am also gonna buy and sell cars to make a few extra dollars. The money at QT is decent but not enough. I am staying focused on the picture that I have painted for myself, and will continue to work the angles that I need to, to accomplish it. Talk to ya soon.

Monday, April 17, 2006


Well the pace of life right now sucks, in fact everything sucks except for the one thing I am working on launching which is cyclespace, which is going really well. Aside from that everything else blows, and I mean bad. It is really all that I care about right now. I will succeed through this, and then I am going to change many, many things about my life. The things I am going to change aren't material things, but things that a person can change when they have money. Money brings with it tremendous freedom, and it is that freedom I am striving for. Until that point I am going to trudge through this season of my life. My family life is on the fritz, my son is going through some challenges, and I am not really emotionally available, am at times hard with him, and I hate that. I can't tell ya how bad the schedule of working a 3rd trick job sucks, it has really taken a toll on me and my wife. I do know this I am extremely focused right now. We will be launching the first phase this Friday, and then the Beta release will be the following Friday. Any way just wanted to vent for a bit, this will all be over soon.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My so called life

There is a line in Ozzy Osbornes song "road to nowhere" where he says he "remembers all the things he was gonna be" and then he talks about all the things that he isn't. Now I must say that while I never really expected to be working 3rd shift at QT at 31 years old with a family. I will say that I am going somewhere. I have very distinct goals, that I feel can be achieved, given my new environment. I hate working 3rd shift it is screwing up all of my habits and rythems that I have worked to establish. I don't see my wife hardly at all, and wednesday's and thursday's don't feel like the weekend even though they are for me given my new schedule. The person who hasn't felt any effects of this is my son, to him everything is the same, and for that I am very glad.

Things are picking up nicely though, and I don't think I will be working there come summer, maybe till fall we will see. My Cycle shop is doing quite well, and picking up every week. It is now sustaining itself and the one person we have on staff, and making a profit which we are sinking back in the company. I have officially set up my corporation with my brother. Accellerated Enterprises is what we chose, and boy let me tell you that getting a name is very difficult, everyone we tried we couldn't use because it was to much like someone else's. We have a bunch of the code that we need to launch our site, and are working on the additional code that we need.

Now for what it will be. We are launching cyclespace a social network for motorcycle enthuisiasts, I won't bore you with all the goodies we are incorporating into it, but I will post the link once it is up and going, and if you dig motorcycles you can check it out.

So yesterday I was coming home from a long day and saw someone in my neighborhood washing his bike, I passed by and waved, but then I said hey its time to start to get the buzz going. So I backed up and engaged in conversation with him. I asked him if he would dig something like cyclecpace, he siad definitely. As I was leaving I asked if he had a way I could let him know when it is up. He responded with his email address and then told me if I sent it to him he would put it on his motorcycle clubs website. The crazy thing is they are an international, yes I siad international club, they have around 5000 members. He is a leader in the club. How cool is that instant publicity worldwide, right there on their homepage. I was like so stoked. Like I said it shouldn't be long.

In addition to all that I have someone who is taking care of our PR for us for free, I will of course bountifully take care of them when payday comes if you know what I mean. Anyway I just have to grind this phase of my life out, and get where I want to go. And nothing is going to stand in my way or stop me. I know what I want, I can see the picture of who I want to be in the future and I am going for it.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Let the games begin

Well it is Wednesday, and this begins what is now my weekend if you will, meaning that I have two days off in a row. Today my family and I are heading down to the Aquarium. We only got to see a couple of the exhibits last time down. I am looking forward to the time with the family.

The pace of my life is about to pick up significantly. I will be working 3 jobs, one of which is launching one of my companies, I will be doing lawn maintenance for a builder group, this could grow into something really nice in regard to extra cash. Actually I haven't gotten to the best part of what has transpired yesterday and in the past couple of weeks.

First of all my brother and I are forming our own company, actually it will be the parent company of several ventures that we are working on. I have to say I am super stoked. I am so happy to be able to be doing something like this with my brother. We both share great work ethic which we got from our mom and dad, and we work great together. So anyway yesterday we purchased the domain name for an internet venture which will still remain nameless, but I can tell you that it stands to make us a lot of money. I got the idea a couple of months ago, and developed it to the point where I wanted to act on it. Then I pulled Chad in because, well first and foremost he is my boy, second I would love to see him succeed in a big way, and he offers a lot that will benefit us now and down the road.

We paid $1700 for the domain rights, and I am working on getting the name trademarked, and another name of someone who has a domain name closely linked to try and trip them up a bit and give us a head start. A critical piece to the puzzle was the person who could create programs and write code, that's where Darrell Peden came in, I approached him shared the idea and he liked what he heard. So we have given him stock in the company in return for his ability to help us all be successful.

I am very motivated and extremely focused right now. I am hoping that this will grow into something that I will be able to do things for the people I love, and for my church, that I can't do by simply hitting a clock working for someone else. I am doing that right now as well, and it is going well. I figure if I can work my way up in management it will look good on my resume.

I have seen several people at my new store, and each time it is very amusing to watch people's faces as they look and try to figure out what I am doing working at QT. God is showing me new things and that is cool. But there are also some feelings about all the crap that still keeps hitting my dad and the church, and kinda make me wonder what in the world is up, and just when it will all cool down. But again I must remind myself that God only has so much control, we have a will, and decisions are made. I have peace about pursuing the business side of things, and living for Christ there.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Tough Talk and the day after

Well last night I told the kids about what choices the church had to make, and that I was impacted with those decisions. It was kinda awkward because this was the night where we were honoring Sean and Salena friends of mine who have served on the youth ministry team for 6 yrs. and are moving to London. They have been preparing for this move for some time now. I wrestled with when to tell the youth, but because of when the church found out, coupled with the fact of one of my new jobs that requires me to work nights I really had to tell them last night. I didn't want them wondering about what was going on with my, why I would be absent so much. I did my best to communicate in a way that would be positive but also set them up for my absence in the future.

One of the things in ministry that is so totally exhausting is all the different angles and emotions of everyone involved whenever you are communicating. And it seems that no matter how hard you try, or whats going on in your heart there are always people who feel that it should have been done different, could have been done better, and so on. Typically that is coupled with the fact that they feel they could have done a better job. It is always so easy to sit and criticize someone else who is making decisions that effect others, but we rarely consider how it effects them personally.

Any way I had a fabulous day with my son today, I am doing my best to make the time I am with him really count, because they will be scarce for a while. My schedule will be anything but normal. I will be working 2-3 jobs, to pay off some of my debt, and position myself to be able to put money into my ventures. We spent almost our entire time outside, playing football, soccer, riding his scooter in the cul de sac, and he helped me to wash my Jeep.

I then came inside to help clean the house for Shana, order is a big part of my life, and if things are crazy schedule wise, having a home that is orderly and kept is very important. Over the next few weeks I will be tackling projects outside getting it up to speed since it is spring time. This is my favorite time of the year, perfect for the Jeep with the top down, or a "casual" and "slow" ride on my bike. I took a Sunday a few weeks ago to ride up to the mountains with my friend Brian, it is very therapeutic.

Anyway I am back to blogging now that everything is out in the open. I don't know what my content will be, most likely less ministry stuff, and more God, family, and business.