Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Batman Begins

I went with my wife last night on our date night to see Batman Begins. It was an awesome movie. I personally love the line in the movie where Batman is told by a childhood friend "its not what is on the inside that defines someone but what you do". How true is this for any of us. Think of how many things we think, feel, or have desire to see happen, but never act on. Truly those things really don't matter or make a difference. I was thinking about all the things on the inside that have never made their way into any action, do you feel that way to. Agian I thought about many Christians who may have alot on the inside but nothing that makes a difference or that defines them as being a follower of Christ.


Blogger KJones said...

Yeah, man. I am so with you on this one. I was just thinking about that when I was creating my profile. It sure isn't a very good portrayal of all that I am. Sure, it represents some of the major things like God and family. But some of the deeper longings in my heart were poorly reflected in my actions. I used to get frustrated about not being able to act out my dreams. I am just now getting hold of the fact that it can't all happen right now. That's why the 'living in the moment' thing is so important to me. Although it's not very sensational or exciting...it is none the less a piece of my dream. I think you would be suprised about how many thousands of your actions really do support the man of God you are, and the dreams you want to see happen. Maybe they don't realize the complete thought or desire, but they are absolutely an integral piece. Who is to say those internal dreams aren't already leaking out into your actions? You're the one who taught me about that 'what's inside will leak out' principle. "Out of the abundance of the heart so flows the mouth". I would think that would go for actions also. Yes, I am absolutely beating a dead horse! Can you tell it's on my mind alot?

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