Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A Call to Action

We had our weekly gathering tonight and I spoke out of the book of Haggai chapter 1. We considered how Christ followers are to be people of action, who live our lives in a way that is about more than our selves. And we are called to help Jesus see his kingdom established in our world. I am struggling a bit to rally a group of people who seem consumed with themselves something that many times come with our teenage years. I want to see our faith community be more about what we do in our lives daily for others, living more as Jesus would and less about ourselves and pacifying our needs. Jesus gave up his needs for the benefit of all mankind. I want to work to live in the same way and see others join in the effort. In my view the institutional church has crippled Jesus' message, and we must continue in our effort deconstruct the areas of it that take away from Jesus' message and replace it with action as Jesus would have us live.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good thoughts Jeremy, we just need to remember that the biggest enemy is the flesh and looking out for ourselves. It started with Adam looking out for himself when the God confronted him.From that time the battle began. we must try to help people to see how their lives can really make a difference. One time Peter asked the Lord if they were going to be taken care of becasue they reminded the Lord that they gave up all to follow Him and the Lord assured them that not only would they be taken care of in the life to come but in this world as well. they were looking out for themselves.

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