Thursday, June 09, 2005

A Lesson in Listening

So much has happened the last few days, but most interesting was my experience at this conferance that I was attending and happened to also be speaking at. I began by sharing how I wanted to come as the Apostle Paul not with loftly words but with a spirit of humility. And then I went on and began to share my thoughts to which I told them that at any time that they could chuck or take they would be the judge. It was a good time and felt as though I connected with most even though it was a difficult crowd as they were all Senior Pastors, and most were at least 15 years my senior. However they were a couple in which I could tell that the more that I spoke, the more disturbed they got. And then came the Nooma Clip by Rob Bell title "Bullhorn". This was a great clip about "Christians" who are all loud and vocal but haven't embraced the Love that Christ followers should embrace. Instead they use words that seperate and condemn. I didn't speak after the clip at all. The next night one of the senior leaders with in the organization got up and "straightened" it all out. I was proud and sad. Proud that I didn't get angry or hurt that in front of the same group of people who just the night before and came up thanking me for the words that they thought but never spoke, and thanked for freshness that it brought them, these thoughts that I had asked people to openly consider or not. It felt personal even though I know it wasn't. Sad, because this man never stopped long enough to listen. However I know how hard this can be I feel that we are all guilty of it at times. I know that even on the ride home that I got into a heated conversation with someone, and was guilty of not listened myself. However we must continue to strive to listen to one another, even when the vantage point of another angers us. I will continue to strive to do this and hope that others will join and when we fall short and we all will that we stop and take in what others are saying and if we have hurt another by our harsh judgements or word that we will seek forgiveness.


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Hey man, great to see your blog is up and putting. We just got back from mexico so I am going to sleep for a day or two, then we need to get some coffee or check out the flick. I am interested to hear more about how the talk went.

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