Sunday, June 19, 2005

Love God, Love Others

It has been a good week, and a good day being father's day and all. Especially since I am a very proud father. My son is 4 1/2 and loads of fun, also a bit challenging at times. There are many joys in fatherhood, but one of my greatest experiences thus far is listening to my son pray. It is so incredible, and I can see why Jesus wanted us to be childlike. Today as we gathered in my faith community, we had a simple message with profound implications on life, when we can live it out. It all boiled down to loving God and loving others, that's how Jesus summed up what was most important. Seems so simple and yet as I look at modern day Christiandom, I see something much more complex, and much less inspiring. Our pastor shared how many times people seem to be looking for a club of people to join whose "short list" line up with their beliefs. How fun could it be if we truly adopted Jesus' short list, and enjoyed discussion over other thoughts, but would respond to each other with respect, and leave saying "love God, love others"? We were also encouraged to speak more about Jesus and spend less time talking (read arguing) about other peripheal, might I say personal preferences. I want to be sure that no matter who I am interacting with that I work to keep Jesus' short list in play in my life, even when others approach me with their short lists. On a side note I am working thru some thought on salvation, and receiving Christ into our life, more on that later.


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