Monday, June 13, 2005

Revival in the new era

I sat in our Sunday morning gathering this past week, and listened as a group who went on a mission trip to Domican Republic shared their experiences. One of them shared that the land was about to, or beginning to experience revival. As they shared this I began to think of all of the negative images that came to my mind that were tied to this word. Then I began to think that the word itself wasn't bad. But I began to wonder what this means for us in our current context. What will this look like. I know at least for me it doesn't mean tent revivals looking to see how many "sinner prayers" we can lead people through. Could it be the spread of "goodness" to others in way that inspires us to discuss Jesus and his life. Which may in turn inspire more people to live in the way of the Christ. I am not sure, what I do know is that no matter where we are if revival leads more people to live in the of Christ it is a good thing.


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