Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I have spent the last couple of hours reading in Mcmanus's book "Uprising" I am reminded of so many great things about our life, most importantly I guess is that it's not about us. When I chose to follow Christ I chose to put him and anyone else first. And by doing this I find "true life". There are many good things to ponder in this book, and may require several reads to allow for time to soak in. I loved that last couple of chapters that I read dealing with gratitude. Erwin spoke of the women who came before Jesus and broke a jar of expensive perfume and washed his feet with it, and correlated his discussion with Peter about what she had done. Speaking of how the issue wasn't necessarily the amount of sin that was forgiven but rather the gratitude of sin forgiven. I am reminded of how much I have to be grateful to Jesus for in my life, for without him choosing to act on my behalf first I wouldn't have the opportunity to experience life. No matter the list of "sins" or the state of our life before Christ we all have the same thing to be grateful for and that is Life, both with Christ now, and the hope for our future after life. I want to continue to strive to remember this in my life and live in a way that will leave others asking why I live a certian way, and I can share of what Christ has done for me. Thanks Jesus.


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