Sunday, July 17, 2005

THe Rekindling of an Old Romance

Today in our gathering our pastor spoke to us about a romance with God and the relationship that he desires to have with us daily. It was great! Last week he posed a thought about the passage in the gospel that talks about wide is the road that leads to destruction and narrow is the road that leads to life. Though this text has often been used to illustrate salvation, he turned our attention to the fact that the narrow road that leads to that abundant life may come as a result of what happens after salvation. Meaning that salvation comes easy but following Christ and allowing his life to change who we are is the more difficult path. This week I had a question off of what he spoke about this week. When does the life of Christ add more value to our life, Eternity or the present future? I realized that I really need to get back to dating God. Conversing with him in more that a "prayer" like fashion, sharing with him what I need, others need, or my struggles, not that this isn't a necessary part of my relationship with God. But more often than not in my life I don't spend the time that I once did sharing my innermost thoughts about me, and ask him questions about our relationship, and what we can do to go deeper in our relationship. To get to the place where we can just sit together and share our lives together. Many times when people find Christ and they start "dating" at the point of salvation, we many times don't allow time for the dating relationship to develop and their love to be developed before people start with the list of requirements that must be met in order to be in this relationship. The things I do in my life for my wife now have come about as a result of years of dating that led to years of marriage. And it is in my love for her that certian things have been changed in the way I interact with my wife. I want the same to be true with my relationship with God. Let the romance begin...


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