Friday, July 29, 2005

Watch out for frogs

I was driving home tonight and I noticed a bunch of frogs that we in the road. I made an intentional effort to be sure that I didn't run over them. I got to thinking about how I had invaded a space that was once not filled with moving vehicles that could at any minute squash them ending life as they knew it. I started thinking how cool it is that God invited us into his space. We didn't invade his space, cutting down trees, paving roads, putting up houses. But instead God wanted us to exist in his realm. How cool is it that God wants us to be apart and interact in his space. I hope you have a great day, Love life and live to make our world and God's space and creation all that it can be, thanks for inviting us to your party God.


Blogger nicholasfiedler said...

My man, we really need to work on your blog titles. The content is fine, but the titles leave me wanting more. For example, what could we say about this title. I think this one would be slightly more interesting "If frog legs are a French delicacy, did my tires just miss a feast?", you know mix it up, shock them, rock them, pick them up and drop them. At any rate this comment was really for the purpose of asking you if you have ever seen the movie Magnolia.

1:35 AM  

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