Friday, August 05, 2005

Busy people, patient God

My life as of late has been as crazy and hectic as I have ever seen it, add to that I have been struggling a good bit in my walk with God and purpose in life. I have been wondering why the struggle, the answer... That's life, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Sometimes the bad happens no matter what, other times I bring it on myself by poor decisions that I have made. However over the past four or five months the difference has been my ability to handle life. I read this statement in an email newsletter I receive that stuck out to me. It said, "The busier we are, the more time we spend responding to the needs and realities of the world around us and the more critical it is for us to return daily to that central identity and transcendent reality. Some time ago, I heard that when Martin Luther was asked how much time he prayed daily he replied: "About two hours, unless I'm very busy. Then I pray for three hours." I realized that the thing that has changed in my life that I can point to in my ability to not only cope with life but walk through it with purpose and hope could be found in the fact that in October of last year my responsibilities changed in my faith community and I became consumed with the business of things and abandoned a time with God weekly filled with solitude and reflection. I had put this in my schedule weekly and had been doing it for years. Oh sure I still prayed, read my Bible, and other books, but it wasn't the same. I always felt recharged afterward. Why the change "busyness", it became my god so to speak, it consumed me. God always has transcended my reality if I will give him the time. God here is my time, here is my life...I Love you thank you for being patient and available even when I am not.


Blogger KJones said...

"return daily to that central IDENTITY and transcendent REALITY" I love that.

You want to find you? Find Him.

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