Sunday, August 07, 2005

Give me Jesus or give me insitution

I have recently been working thru struggles in my life, questions about my purspose and place in life. I am employed by the church, and this sometimes is a bit of a struggle for me. I have realized that in my life it becomes all consuming, as many others may realize or deal with themselves as well. It is easy to start out giving your life to Jesus and for Jesus, only to shortly after to find yourself living for and giving your life to the institution instead of Jesus. Since so much of what my life entails is wrapped around spirituality, it is also easy to think you're giving your life to Jesus, however they aren't synonomous. I am wondering and thinking that the struggles I have is that giving our lives for Jesus will give us life, but the other will bring death. I made the statement to my wife a while back that I haven't felt very much like a Christ follower, instead a person who arranges others around Christ concepts, practices, and activities. It is so easy to have these things become what consumes your mind and energy. I am not saying that I haven't had many joys and have helped others in their faith journey but rather the struggle that comes in keeping the focus where it should be.


Blogger simplyken said...

Dude, thanks for linking to my blog. I found it out through the webtracking service I use (

Anyway, I just wanted to encourage you. After reading a few of your posts, it seems like your in a situation that a lot of guys are in right now. Been there, done that myself. Being part of a transition in an established church isn't for the faint of heart. Just remember God's grace is bigger than any disgruntled church member. Take Jesus and view whatever institutional duties you have as discipline from the Father. It's easier said than done, but it's one of the only ways to come out the other side with your sanity.

In the realm of things you already know but it's always good to hear: Pray hard. Pray often. Regularly take a day off and have fun.

You can rest assured that there are plenty of churches out there that are OK with progressive methodology.

Hang in there. Thanks again for the plug.


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Blogger Jack said...


It is so easy to feel like all we do is organize and move people from place to place. I wonder how the Lord felt as He traveled with the disciples from town to town leading them to the feeding of the 5000, sending them to get food while He ministered the woman at the well how many times did he say to them how long must I be with you, It seems the Lord felt many of the same struggles

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Anonymous Stephanie said...

Very well said and spoken from the heart of an honest man,

People are people, and all people have issues. Those within the walls of the church may seem to have different issues, but issues are issues and sin is sin. All people need God and all issues, though they need to be addressed, will never be completely addressed. All sin was dealt with on the cross of Christ but the sinners weren't! Too bad. When Christ died all sin was nailed to the cross, maybe it should have been all sinners that were nailed to the cross. Ha! I "work" for the church too, but I'm a pastor's wife, so I do all my work for free. I do not get a paycheck, a vacation, sick days, or insurance! I get half of my husband's pay, and though many people think he makes too much money, I say they get two for the price of one. But I'd rather do the work I do for the church for free, because this work has merit, meaning, and if I understand the purpose of Christ my Savior, it's not about me anyway - never was, and never will be. He laid down His life, and if I do the same I am like Him in every way.

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