Thursday, September 29, 2005

Putting the pieces back together

I had my second meeting today with my spiritual counselor's and it was very good. We dug into my past a good bit. I shared about the changes that are taking place in my life, and asked them to help me to find out why for most of my life I have had anger issues. It was insightful, I am reading some material, and watching videos they gave me. I pray that God will speak to me through this and reveal something in me, that will help me see what the core issue is for me. On another note, I am engaging full speed in ministry, though I feel very inadequate in many areas. As I have written many things are quite the mess. I am hopeful though and want to cling to the promise of God that in my weakness and inadequacies, he will bring strength. I am very passionate for my teens that I lead, we have been in a serious funk for quite sometime. I am praying for a fresh wind, for others to join with me and following Jesus and redefining our future. I am leaving the past behind and pressing toward the future and what God may do through our ministry. My focus isn't on ministry models, methods or otherwise, but on Jesus my walk with him, and loving other people.


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