Thursday, September 15, 2005

The shedding of old skin

It has been a good week. A long time ago I was big into snakes in fact at one time I had 15 of them. One of the cool things about a snake is that as it grows it goes through a shedding process. You can see effects that the snake is about to go through this process because the eyes will turn to a milky white indicating that soon it will be shedding the skin. It can take a bit for the snake to separate the new skin from the old, and then eventually wiggling its way out of the old dead skin. Sometimes it not a clean shed and there are remnants of the old skin still stuck and will have to rub it off, or if in human captivity as mine I would help get it off. I feel that I have begun a similar process, my insides know it time to shed the skin of the turmoil from my past year. My heart indicates that the process has begun. And with each moment as I continue to surrender to Jesus and his way of Life, I will soon shed myself of the old dead skin of this time. I am also growing physically, I am about to turn 31, kind crazy when I consider where I am in life now, Married for 10 years, to the greatest women in my world, a brilliant son who will be 5 in February, and start school next year for real. I am thankful for my life and all that I am able to enjoy, even now I am appreciating the struggles in my life. I know I have written much about my life and struggles, and now the coming of a new day. But I am very excited about life again, still have hurt and pain, but my perspective is changing. And much like the snake shedding starts with the head and the eyes while once clouded, vision hindered, can now see as before. I feel like with this changing of perspective indicates that I have begun uncovering my eyes, and the only thing left is to wiggle out of the old skin. Let the wiggling begin.


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