Monday, September 26, 2005

There you are!

I have to tell you that one of the greatest talks I have ever heard came tuesday night at our conference, given by Ed Gunger. I won't recap the whole thing but the main thing that has stuck with me and made a huge impression and change agian in my perspective, is what I see in people. The essence of it is when someone walks into a room they may choose to walk in thinking about themselves, how they look, waiting for people to come to them, their mentality is "HERE I AM". I must say because of insecurities that I have and the need to be liked and needed, add to that my tendacy to be shallow and conceited as well, that this is how I have lived the majority of my life. Then Ed talked to us about instead of that walking into a room and interacting with people with a mindset that says "THERE YOU ARE". Now these words may come out, but it has been awhile since that has been deep in my heart. Since that time I am crucifying the first mindset and working to be transformed to the second. I truly want to love people more, regardless of what they think of me. I am going to be a "THERE YOU ARE" type of person, after all this is how Jesus was.

On another note I recently read an article in Christianity today titled Emerging Church: Lacking the Spirit that was very disheartening. It was from someone who was apart of the Vineyard movement, of which I have had great respect for. However this article was saddening as the person totally tore apart those involved in the emergent conversation, and more specifically calling out Brian McLaren. It is interesting when someone says or writes "I don't mean to polarise, but..." that is exactly what ends up happening. It is packaged neatly in this is what I believe, in the same way gossip is packaged in "we really need to pray for so and so". This is indeed sad. Agian I am reverting back to Love God, Love others.

You can view the article here as a PDF


Anonymous Nicholas Fiedler said...

I like the idea of being a "there you are" person. Thats insightful, simple, and yet profound.

12:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "Emerging Church Movement" is the worst. It denies the bible, promotes truth as a personal thing. Christians need to wake up as to what this evil movement is about. It's basic teaching is "do your own thing, find your own truth." Is that Satan speaking? I think so.

7:19 AM  

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