Monday, September 12, 2005

A very good God

I have had a great weekend all in all. I had two of my team meetings. One went very well, but my second one didn't go as well as I would have liked or thought it would. I am trying to provide leadership in my youth ministry but it is a slow process. We did have a good discussion about somethings, maybe a bit overdone. However I am committed as long as God will allow me to lead and others will follow and help me to lead to continue doing so. I want to make a difference in the youth culture both pre-existing Christ followers, and people who haven't chosen to follow Christ. This is no easy task, but we serve a big God. The struggle between creating a fun, welcoming, Christ focused relevant ministry is many times not as easy as can be written about or talked about. It seems easy to get off balance. So many people at so many different places in life, each one looking or not looking for something. In simple form Jesus told us"Love God Love others". Good strategy, oh so simple yet we (me) complicate it so much. I believe his strategy transcends age. One last note on another matter. I was touched tonight as I watched a special on Reggie White, an incredible football player, and a great example of a man who was very touched by God and lived in a way that drew many to him, and ultimately God's love. Many people spoke with much emotion about how much they missed him. He seemed to be a person full of joy. I believe his choice to follow Jesus and love others is a primary contributor to his happiness and the ability to draw others around him and effect their lives in a positive way. My God, our God is good and in him we can find not just happiness, (something that can be gained and lost by many external things) but Joy that was internal, ad couldn't be contained. That same God and Joy is available to all, and I looking for more in my life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Nicholas Fiedler said...

Now this Reggie White. . . he is some sort of foseball player?

8:14 PM  

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