Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Hiding or Seeking is still good fun

In a life that can be consumed with philosophizing, planning and just plain busyness, tonight brought a great glimpse of lifes best. Sometimes we get so caught up in future thought, the disdain for the present or even the garbage from the past. All that to say that enjoying the present moments of life is great. That a midst all of the before mention things to not forget to take the moments life gives. Tonight I had a blast cutting lose with my family. On the ride home from picking my son up from the babysitters, Caleb looks at me and says dad, maybe we could have a fun family night like before. It is cool that he has those memories. We strive to create fun days for our family and throughout each week create times for us to cut loose. So I turned to Caleb and said absolutely, but one thing no video games. A lot of times he wants to do that, and while we do have fun, I wanted to interact. We shared a great meal, then afterwards the fun began. We played football, where Caleb loves to tackle, read books, played duck duck goose only the Spanish version, pato pato gonzo. But the most fun for all of us was playing hide and seek. Now I must tell you that I live in a modest house so you have to be very creative. Watching my son tonight brought me deep joy, and for me to be focused only on him and my family in that moment was deeply refreshing. I thank God for being able to soak in the moment. And I will continue to create many more of these. On a last note, today I began taking time to study, pray, read the word and just hang with God, something I abandoned about a year ago. The focus of this time is for me and Jesus. It's not time to read about culture, theology or other, it's time to reflect on me and read scripture for me, other books that are to help me become a better person, leader and father. I had a great time with God, and look forward to the benefits this will have in my life.


Blogger KJones said...

I can't wait to hear about the GREAT things that come out of that time you spend with JUST God. That's awesome.

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