Monday, October 10, 2005

Let the Good Times Roll

This has been a great week, much to talk about or shall I say write about, but I will try to make it brief. Wednesday Night at youth we had our first Worship Experience called "SOAK". It was great, it included all different elements art, drama, music, video, along with some interactive stations. We had good attendance, but the most important thing is the ministry that took place. I feel the planned part paved the way for what God was going to do in all who were there for the free worship time at the end. It was so cool to watch as students who may be normally reserved on their face in the prayer area, students praying for students and not just their friends but everyone.

Thursday and Friday, me and Kyle (youth ministry intern), went to Catalyst, where we met to very close friends of mine. This was great. My most important take away from this was a story that Donald Miller told and wasn't necessarily the focal point of his story or talk. It was about a guy who sought to bring peace where ever he was, and in it talking about this guy who was in traffic, and people would cut him off would respond with "you are more important than me". Anyone who has ever ridden with me know that isn't at all how I respond to those I share the rode with. However this meant a lot to me. I want to live my life thinking of others, instead of my normal self-centeredness that I am normally consumed with.

Saturday night we took five students and had a great time at "Uncle Shucks" corn maze. Now my past reaction was great a lousy five kids came, where is the support yada yada yada. Though I was excited to see the kids, and focused on each one of them interacting with them and enjoying each one of them. I had a special time with one of our new 6th graders who is a lone ranger even when others reach out to him. It started out in confrontation, then connection, and ended with us bonding a bit and then taking what we talked about. It was very refreshing. I love our kids, each of them are very special.

Today at our Sunday gathering, my mom spoke, and God used her mightily. My dad was in Chicago running his second marathon. He did great I am very proud of him. Any way the take away from her talk for me was not living for Christ and loving others, but to allow Christ to live thru me, and allow him to love others thru me.

Then tonight my wife (the most special lady in my life), and a couple on our team went to Vertitas church, to listen to Donald Miller who was doing a book reading. This was very cool, I enjoyed the experience. The best part though was our time with the Pedens, talking about our relationship, past woes, and future plans. We shared openly, and had a great time with them.

I look forward to continuing to draw from God, be the best husband, father, youth pastor, leader, friend and person that I can be. My mottoss for my life right now are "Love God Love others", "There you are", and "you are more important than me".


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