Saturday, October 15, 2005

Long Day

Today was a long day, I began at 7:30 this morning, to drive down to Savannah, where one of my students is going through the National Guard Youth Challenge. It is for at risk kids, who have dropped out of school, for one reason or the other. I was very proud of him. I had to sit through mentor training, because over the next year, I will be his, mentor. At first I would say I did this because he was in a jam, but I actually have gotten pretty pumped up about, after all I am a youth pastor, and should be both excited and feel the priviledge of being involved in the kids lives. And I truly felt that today. He has accomplished a lot and can tell a big difference in his life. This is one of the things I love about the military, is that it gives people a sense of pride and accomplishment, something that does everyone good. Along my 9 hour round trip, I spent my time listening to a professor from UNC Chapel Hill, talk about Historical Jesus. It was very interesting.

My week has been great and I feel better, more focused, and less qualified in all that I am doing which is a good thing. I don't want to walk or build anything in my own "strength" or "qualifications". I asked my pastor, who happens to also be my father, if he had time to spend an hour with me yesterday. He said that wouldn't be a problem. I wanted to share with him about what God had shown me about me, my leadership, and my place in ministry.

He was quite encouraged and shared feelings that he had as well. And then I let him know that without any uncertainties, that I felt called to lead our youth ministry, and wanted to put most if not all of my energies there. This went very well, and he was quite supportive. You see I have been doing three, maybe four different roles for quite some time. Leading the student ministry for 7 years, children's ministry the last 2, and working with the staff for about a year. Oh, yeah and I am involved with our ministry directors. This isn't necessarily all that special as many people on our staff do many different things. But it has been a strain.

I feel that I have accomplished things in our children's ministry, and feel connected to the team. As well with the staff, I feel that I have had a positive impact there as well. But in all this our youth ministry has suffered severely. I think some of these were a bit of a scape goat, as I was feeling like a failure. I told him I would help out with whatever was needed, and I do love working with the staff very much. But I just wanted him to do whatever was best for everyone involved.

I continue to look forward to our future, and thank God for everything that has happened in my life. It is good to be "out of the desert" at least for a time. One thing is don't reject the times God takes you out in the desert. While you may get hot, irritable, not like the food that is being offered, If we stay focused on God, these will produce good things in our lives. For me it was building of my character (which is always in need of work), focusing on the right things, and a proper or more proper identity...In him.


Anonymous Clarissa said...

Hey Jeremy,
I think that's cool that you're gonna focus on the Youth Ministry mainly.It'll be a good thing...possibly key in building a better future for Kinetx.I wanna help be part of changing the face of kinetx...but how do you grow spiritually with a group of people that just don't care?( not all of them though) Is it the enviroment? The mindset?The method? Or the culture?I don't know what it is..but it sure is frustrating.Holla back yo.
~ Clarissa

5:20 PM  

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