Monday, October 24, 2005

Special moments amidst all the minutiae

Well I have had a good weekend and day off. Friday night my wife had her "croptoberfest", this is basically an extended time for girls to cut out pictures and put them in their photo album. For me this means boys night out! I took my boy out and had a good time with him, daddy and son time. We went out to eat at Waffle House, his choice, he let me know that waffles can be for supper to, I totally agreed. We spent the rest of the night bopping around stores, and then took him home to put in bed. I spent the rest of the night with my brother, I totally love hanging out with him. We had a good time, and just talked, life, sports, babies and other stuff.

Saturday was cool, our youth team along with many others from our faith community went to our new facility to renovate and clean up, preparing it for our future. This was a good time, very refreshing to be working alongside others toward our future. Our youth team then went to share a meal and hang out, followed by a time to talk about our future, maybe a bit repetitive, but beneficial none the less. Sunday we went to a friends sons B-day party, it was fun.

Monday has been my favorite part of the weekend, I spent the morning with my wife, hanging out, talking, and I took her to lunch at Red Lobster, one of her favorite restaurants. We had fun together. And then we took our son to see Wallace and Gromit. This was awesome, he was so excited. The way he shows love to us is so special. A couple of minutes in to the movie, he was standing up in front of his seat, and then turned around, looked me in the eyes, and said, I love you dad and gave me a big hug and kiss. A minute later he did the same thing to Shana. He was so happy, and we were glad to share this experience with him. Later we played poker, cars, and just hung out.

Final thought, some times we can become so consumed with the details of life, we may miss the special moments life offers. I don't want to miss the moments amidst all the minutiae of life. God has showed me a little more of what the future is for our student ministry on Sunday, this was very cool.


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