Thursday, October 13, 2005

Whatcha thinking about

Well today I got myself up with no help, and for me that in and of it self was an act of God. My second day of running went well, and I had a real cool experience with God. I started my run and again was just wanting to take in the experience and hang out with God. I found that for nearly the entire run, 100% better than the day before, even on the big hill that leads me to the halfway point. The whole time my focus was thinking and listening to what the Lord was saying. However when I was nearly home, I began to think about how well I was doing, and was kinda given myself an attaboy. It was really weird, but as I began to think about that I began to Labor to work up the hill and just seconds before, while yes I was working, it wasn't nearly as difficult. And in that moment I said screw this I am thinking about God and going back to that place. And I kid you not it was like weights were taken off my back. And I felt like the Lord used this to remind me once again to focus on him, and not try anything in my own strength.

Now I know that my first day was difficult, and should have been since like it has been 7 years since I have done anything physical at all. But I began the run yesterday with the same intentions of focusing on God and enjoying his presence, but quickly gave in as I headed up my first hill.

It was like God used these two experiences to show me the difference in doing anything in and of my own strength. Yes I need to do my part, but that is just part, and small at that.

This has been a common thread through this week, in any of the books that I have read, scripture and my prayers.

This has been a good day, and tomorrow I am off to a favorite spot to hopefully do my small part, and allow God to put somethings together for our future. I definitely feel God is massaging the things that he has put in my heart, and through last nights studies, and today's I am beginning to see the picture God is painting, and I think it is radical. We will know if it is God by the Holy Spirit, speaking to all involved in what God wants to do in our youth ministry.


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