Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Got Feelings?

Today was an incredible day. I went to the counselors that I have been seeing for a couple of months now. I have to say It was awesome, and while I don't want to go into detail in this format for it would be long, and difficult to write out. I will say that God has opened up a new path that I have never explored. It is a bit scary, but more exhilaration than anything though. I had an incredible date night last night with my wife. She is an amazing women, and am thankful for our love for each other, and the relationship we have. It has been a while since we have had a date night, as I am a bit or a lot bad in that area. Last thing quick, is my son. He is the most amazing young man, I love to look into his soft eyes, full of love and life. He inspires me everyday. I know I won't be a perfect father, and in fact do many boneheaded things, but I want to instill destiny and purpose in his heart. Be an example of Christ for him.

Food for thought:
Have you ever considered that the Americanized Christian faith that so many live, is comprised of not just knowing God intellectually, gathering bits and pieces of what someone "discerns" scripture to say of who God is. Many times creating a sort of facts sheet or bio of God. In addition to this they minimize the feelings, and emotional side of our relationship with God, how we feel about God. Many will in fact say that the feelings are the "caboose", not necessary to make the engine go.

How could this be? Creator God, created this sensory driven reality in which you and I exist, then takes that aspect out of our relationship with him. Which best we can tell was the reason for creation, to be in relationship with us. The reason for this line of thought, I think is to feel safer, its a neat little answer to bring us comfort. I mean what do you tell a teenage girl who comes to you and says I just don't feel God? How about saying we should feel, and feel often. Would this make us leave the safety zone of contentment, believing that "this lack of feeling and emotion" is what God's best is for us in our relationship with him?

Could it be that those we read of in scripture when they write of their hunger, their thirsting for him, come from a place of knowing that God is meant to be felt, and in fact that they experienced that, and often, and wanted to continue to pursue him?

But again this is one way street, us feeling God, and experiencing him. What about how God feels about us, his emotion toward us that can be felt by each one of us. A lot of us don't want to, or haven't thought maybe about this, and I am not talking about the "book" answers. How does God feel about you. Are we afraid of that? I am and was, and still am, because I am afraid of what that would mean for me. Would he feel I measured up? I want to take the "Book" answers, and wrap personalized emotions and words, spoken by God to me. I want a keepsakes box, in fact boxes that I store all the little notes, and cards that God writes to me.

All this time, I have been talking about this "there you are" with my relationship with others, but haven't thought about God feeling that about me, in a deep, personal and felt capacity. I want to feel, and experience God's presence in my life and not just in sensory driven "service", or "gathering" environments. In my every day life, my waking up and my lying down, and all that is in between.


Blogger Josh said...

great thoughts. i was actually thinking along those lines as i drove in to work this morning. about how at times i've turned god into somewhat of a philosophy insteading of really going further "up and in", in relationship. i started thinking that perhaps i've substituted reading these cultural and theological issues for the relationship. its not either/or. its both/and. unfortunately, i realized this morning that lately its been one without the other.

i've been meaning to send you and nick this link. it was in the endnotes of velvet elvis so you may have already found it. but it talks about the two different types of relating and compares them to how the east and the west think, learn, and experience differently.

the site really is amazing. this is just one of their little things. its called

and i'll see you tomorrow for lunch.

9:02 AM  
Blogger Josh said...

by the way, i wanted to invite you and shana to this small group anna and i are going doing in our home but i didn't have your email address . . . but you can go check out the blog i set up for it and i can tell you more about it tomorrow.

9:30 AM  
Blogger Josh said...

what hotel are you guys staying in at yale?

12:07 PM  
Blogger Jack said...

Intesting thoughts may I offer some input.

Are you saying that it is wrong to gather bits of information about God to know Him.

I of course belive that God should be experienced but consider this. if there is someone that I am interested in say a girl. I must gather bits of information about this girl. I want to know her name, where does she live, what does she like, where does she hang out. one gathers all these bits of information so that they can get to know some one. It is true with God as well is it not? should one be critizied for gathering bits of info on a girl they are trying to meet? it is easy to get stuck on the facts but I would say that the reason that it is safe is not from lack of desire to know God but perhaps comes from a fears that man has toward Him. The Children of Israel were fearful of experience so it did not take long for things to turn to facts without much feeling. I would also add that it is easy for many marriages to be in this same place.

do I not try to "discern" things about this girl gather information or creating some bio on this person that I am interested in.

Can a persons feelings always be trusted? if so how? if not why not?

I believe that it takes both facts and experience is it not both and

Just some thoughts

11:18 PM  
Blogger Jeremy Wolfe said...

Those are good thoughts, and I posted to yours but then it got lost. That really pisses me off to. Oh, well. In essence I guess that I feel that knowledge of the ingredients of a candy bar, isn't near as important or passionate as experiencing the candy bar, and while I may never look at the ingredients, or even know all of the ingredients, when I share with someone about the candy bar it will be in a totally different way. I believe as maybe you do as well that experience transcends knowledge. I don't in any way discount knowledge, and that we should strive to know God more. The thing that scares me is that is where we start and stop many times. Stopping with knowledge is easy, and in fact many take God's word to be sysnonimous with God, and could it be that it is just a teaser, begging us to go deeper, to experience him. I just wonder what would happen if we emphasized more that you, me, and we should FEEL first and foremost. Is this why so many in hollywood and abroad seek religions, where feeling is important, and many times expected. And as for the girl, and the info, if I gather info on how funny she is, giving of person, forgiving, or what a great kisser she is, but are never able to experience that, what do I have? Even if I really want it, but never get it, most likely all that will stay locked up, and at times we may "Fantasize about how it would be to experience her".

3:52 PM  
Blogger Jack said...

My point with the girl is it starts with a knowledge of. then moves to experience. how would you talk to someone that worships satan and tells you becasue of the wonderful experiences he is having and the depth of spirituality he is having life is awesome. what of his experience. what makes an experieice valid. are all vaild if so why or why not?

Thanks the post back I enjoy talking about theses things hope you know that.


9:24 PM  
Blogger Jeremy Wolfe said...

What makes an experience valid? this is tough to say difinitivly. Because our experiences are subjective. I would say that all experiences may be valid, however what they validate may be different. I would say in respect to the one who worships satan, and they have that experience that changes their life. That there are pleasures in fulfilling aspects of fulfilling that side of our life, the one that says seek your good, don't deny yourself, feels good. I have done many things in my life that have felt good and brought a degree of fulfillment. But then I have had others in my walk with Christ that have superceded those. Maybe this is why all experience is valid. But if I hadn't had and continue to have experiences with Christ that I can weigh against the others, I would have no frame of reference. Surely the God of the universe can offer all of us those experiences in our lives that go beyond anything we have ever known, felt or otherwise.

11:42 PM  
Blogger Jack said...

What about Adam and Eve in the garden they saw that the fruit was good. was it? it brought them pleasure was it wrong?

9:02 PM  
Blogger Jeremy Wolfe said...

yes it was wrong, and definatly not God's best, and I am sure that, that experience didn't compare in anyway to whate they had experienced before. And in that moment I believe as in my own life as well, that they compared that experience, and "good feeling" with what they had with God previously, and it didn't compare.

9:38 PM  

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