Sunday, November 06, 2005

Our everyday life,..And other things

What a week, Friday was a very bad day with many good outcomes. Our staff meeting was intense, but definitely feel that it is a turning point for our staff. Then my brother and I got into a pretty serious scuttle to say the least. It has been quite a while since we have had any conflict in our relationship. It was bad, I was pretty stupid, and realize how far I am from where I want to be, I totally was out of control. The good part was the ending was I think very good. Many things were both said and heard, and I have an even deeper respect for my brother. (Chad if your reading this, I love you with all of my heart, and am thankful, that this didn't crush our relationship but strengthened it in the end) I think that the way with our parents help, this turned out is only a testament of our love for each other, and the deep respect for each other, and desire that we have to have a relationship.

We have a new addition to our family, Shana and I bought our son his first pet. We got him a guinea pig, her name is "Dora" the explorer. It is awesome watching Caleb interact with her. He is an only child so we thought this would be good for him.

Tonight we had our first senior high gathering at our house. Sean and Selena came early, and it was cool cause we threw on some worship music and prayed together, God spoke some stuff to me that was very cool, and encouraging. The kids were really responded well, and I am excited about our future. Essentially this will be the new environment for our senior high kids. It isn't a small group as we have known them, though the group is designed to be smaller. I feel this environment is better suited to help our older students walk out their faith, and grow and develop, in their endeavor to follow Christ. Tonight was mostly me talking, with interaction in between. We ended the night with worship, I played guitar and sang with others, they participated much more in this environment.

One of the critical things I am wanting to help the kids grab is their part in everything, in these home environments. For instance we will all share "leading" worship in many different ways. We want every to share in the experience, for instance if someone wants to go to the kitchen grab some spoons and play them that's cool, or if someone wants to bring guitar, and they suck like me its cool, cause we all have part. Same thing in our conversation, we want everyone involved.

It was an awesome experience and I am excited about the vision God has given us, and that it is shared with all.


Blogger Anna Brown said...

I know we haven't even met yet, but I'm Josh's wife. We are really excited about having Caleb over for dinner tonight. I mean, it'll be great to be with you and Shana, too, but Caleb is the real treat! Can't wait to meet you tonight. Let us know if you need directions.

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