Monday, November 28, 2005

Pursuit of a different reality

Tonight we had our student based learning community. It was good, I think. I do recognize that it is a bit different from anything the kids, and maybe the adults who come have been used to. Many times it seems they are wanting me to talk, but I am trying to be disciplined, since talking come so easy for me, to instead ask questions, and pull from each one who is gathering. I am wanting us to wrestle with issues of scripture and life, and not just listen to a talk. If we all take part in this and dig into deeper meanings and feelings about issues and scripture. I am proud of the kids, and excited that they continue to come out. I asked a couple who were here for a bit later what their thoughts were. They said they always look forward to coming, like that the topics change and that it is interactive. They liked that they didn't have to share all the time but could jump in whenever they had something. Tonight we didn't worship in the traditional sense. Instead with the inspiration of a friend of mine chose to close with a Cold Play song, with lyrics written out.

We have been talking about otherness, since this is something that is on my mind, and also feel it is important to learn how Jesus would embrace others. Judging others is something that we all deal with.


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