Thursday, November 17, 2005

A step on the wild side

Today was a very good, and busy day. Things in the youth ministry are going well. We are progressing, and the kids are enjoying themselves. Our team seems to be clicking well again. It has been refreshing after coming thru some very difficult times. Our church is still going thru its transition. It is certianly no easy task leaving one matrix, and moving to another. We have lost many people, yet others have come. Finances continue to be a struggle, but our Pastor reminded us that nothing like this will come easy, but we feel that it is imperative to not only our future, but the future of our faith, and the reality of who Jesus is being reconciled to humanity. I am reading Exclusion and Embrace by Mirslov Volf, and it is a real brain buster.

I went to one of the high schools where some of my kids go. I was hanging out during the last lunch and had a cool experience. I am always intimidated when going in to high schools. Anyway, I was sitting with kids that I knew, and noticed a student sitting 3 seats down with out anyone interacting with him. The Lord made me aware of him, and prompted me to go talk to him. You need to know I am very outgoing, but in these environments I tend to stay in the background a bit. I wanted to be obedient. I asked some of the students I was with "who is that guy?" They just glanced over shrugged their shoulders, and siad they didn't know. I siad I am going to go over and talk to him.

I picked up my tray and went over and spent the remainder of my lunch, or his lunch with him. There was times of ackward silence, where I was tempting to make a quick exit, but the Lord was done, and after a few minutes we were having a great time of sharing. His name was Brent, he is a freshman, and well the rest was just good chatter. It felt good to be obedient, and just hang out with someone who may have other wise had a lonely lunch.


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