Thursday, November 24, 2005

Xbox, thanks, and a movie...

I have had a good week. There are many things in life that are going well. Many things on the horizon that excite me. I may share more as they continue to materialize. This week I was one of the lucky few who scooped up on the the Xbox 360's Premium package. It was quite an experience. As I met up with a couple of my friends at Best Buy. With weather not being very nice, rain, wind, and low temp, made for a chilling experience. Though a friend of mine who had a tent in his car, gave us relief from the elements. I received the final ticket for the premium set, very nice. I bought it with the intentions of turning it on eBay for a considerable profit.

I woke up this morning, after having a nice romantic evening with my wife. It was very refreshing time for us, since this past week and a half has been very busy and spent much time apart. I went for my run but this time had a companion, Nalla. Nalla is my brothers dog that I am sitting while he is out of town. It was very cool we had a nice run, and plan on running with her tomorrow. As I ran I was inspired by God's creation, and the beauty that each day holds. I was also thinking of how even in the darkest of situations that glimmers of goodness can be found.

Today was a good day with our families. First lunch and the afternoon with Shan's family. Then dinner at my mom and dad's house where my grandma and her husband Herb, who come down each year for Thanksgiving. They have done this for the 19 years in which we have lived down here. I think that is pretty cool. We had a good time, though I never eat very much cause I usually over eat at lunch. I try to remember every day how blessed we are.

Last note I watched a fantastic movie this week, Crash. It deals with judgments, stereotypes of social and ethnic social issues in humanity. I thought it was done very nicely, and artistically, and love how the story came together. I liked how they dealt with issues that are many times thought but seldom spoke about, but none the less go on in everyday life. I definitely reflected and thought about whether I was guilty of the things showed. I am going to use this for future talks, and conversations. I want our kids and those around me to dialog and wrestle with the thought provoking aspects of this movie. It gave me vivid images to go with words and thoughts I am reading about "otherness" in Exclusion and Embrace.


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AHHH crash is so awesome!!! One of my top favorites. And I saw that you read Velvet is also one of the best ever. happy ebay selling

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