Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Inclusion vs Exclusion

There are quotes that I would like to reference in the book I and some of my friends are wrestling with. A look to history is filled with stories of both exlcusion, and embrace. The dealing with these issues many times becomes a very confusing, and difficult. In relation to the Church this has created much animosity among many different groups of people and have alienated many groups. Can we be truly inclusive people, accepting of all, if so how?

"The logic in the modern story of inclusion suggests that "keeping out" is bad and "taking in" is good. But is this always right?"

And if we take everything in then what do we stand for?

In one of my discussions with friends we offered the thought that having one foot in our culture with our identity, and the other in Christ that this allows for in fact creates the ability in ourselves to be inclusive, and accepting of people.

Miraslov offers this thought:
"without boundaries we will be able to know only what we are fighting against but not what we are fighting for. Intelligent struggle against exclusion demands categories and normative criteria that enable us to distinguish between repressive identities and practices that should be subverted and nonrepressive one that should be affirmed. Second, "no boundaries" mean not only "no intelligent agency" but in the end "no life" itself."

Further he writes:
"the absence of boundaries creates nonorder, and nonorder is not the end of exclusion but the end of life itself."

"A consistent pursuit of inclusion places one before the impossible choice between a chaos without boundaries and oppression with them."

I find these things to be difficult to grapple with and live out in our life. Many times the things we stand for in good conscience in fact do as much harm as those done with an evil heart.

I want to be a person which is accepting and doesn't seek to exclude or become oppressive to any person, or people group. But the struggle comes in how we do this and still stand for Christ, and seek to live in his way.

I have found upon digging in my own life that I am not as inclusive as I seek to be, and am dealing with how this plays out in my own life, as to not alienate myself from others, yet be true to who I am and what I stand for.


Blogger Josh said...

i think page 88 may be the one of the most profound things i've ever read. this is good stuff. it would take me years to tease out all of the implications of this chapter.

10:23 AM  
Blogger Jack said...

The question is How did Jesus do it?

8:58 PM  

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