Sunday, December 25, 2005

My family, and a heritage to live for

Today was a good day, in fact a great day. We woke up this morning, and had our Christmas with Caleb and Shana. It was very nice. Then we joined with my mom, and dad, and my brother and his wife, to take in Atlanta new aquarium. We had a good time, and left after having seen a couple of the exhibits. We will have many opportunities to go back, since my parents bought us season passes.

After returning to my mom and dads, dad was busy in the kitchen preparing our meal. Dad always makes us something special for our meal. We had a nice time while dad shared from the word, and encouraged us in our place in God's kingdom. Then we took communion and ended with a prayer for our families and the new year. Then we opened presents.

I ended this night coming home thinking of our family and how special they are to me. I am amazed at my brother and his wife. They are some of the most generous people I have ever been around. And it is so pure, they just love to give, and bless people. I guess I do on some levels but not like them. My mom and dad have created a family, and heritage that I am very proud of. In fact I want to do my part in continuing the traits that my parents have created in our family.

I hope your holiday was filled with much love and fun with your family.


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