Monday, December 19, 2005

Special moments with Caleb...Priceless

I am feeling the best I have in quite a few days, I had the more energy, and fever was gone. I still have a sore throat, and cough, but that is no big deal. Good to be back on my feet. Any way, life has been out of balance for the past few days, as the only attention I have paid to anything is my health. And with my wife being sick as well, our son hasn't gotten any attention. If you know anything about me you would know that this is very troubling to me. I never ever, ever, want him to feel that anything is more important than him(or my wife for that matter). But to me and my wife we cherish our time with Caleb. I love how he gestures to me about how much we love him, extending his arms as wide as he can, saying "this much" and we imitate in an even grander gesture, saying "this much, and more".

I Love our family, and with Caleb being an only child there are certainly drawbacks, but there are also great rewards, that I don't think can be easily discounted.

Anyway tonight I had several experiences, and moments which were priceless. Seriously those moments in life in which pure love, enjoyment of each other individually, as well as who we are together.

I decided it was time to get out of the house for a minute, so we went out to get something to eat. On the way, I took my son to get him a new video game that he wanted for his Gameboy. Yes I know Christmas is a few days away, but I love giving my son things that bring him joy. On our way home from dinner I tell Caleb we want to have some "Caleb time" when we get home. This is time that me and Shana take during the course of our normal week to spend with him, undivided attention, no TV in the background just us and him, doing whatever tickles his fancy. Oh yeah, and I normally ask that it not involve video games.

First on the agenda was a game called "wheels on the bus", it was fun, as we sang the song with the little yellow bus going around the board. Then came our army game, this was also fun, although I always have to be the bad guy, and Caleb always gets to be the helicopter and shoot me down.

I asked what was next, and he said he wanted to get his Veggie Tales Christmas CD and sing it together. This was when the scale tipped. As we sat in our living room, all together on the floor listening to the CD. Caleb was singing and it was so precious, his eyes were filled with love, and joy, that words couldn't do justice. Then he began to do cartwheels on the floor over and over again. After coming back to join us for a couple more songs, I turned to my wife and said "it's moments like this I wouldn't trade for anything"

If you have read this far your a real trooper, I just had to write my feelings out a bit, and have a place to remind myself, and maybe others, to enjoy all those around you, and the life that you have. Life is truly God's greatest gift. God thanks for my family, my loving wife and son, dad and mom, brother and sister in-law, extended family, and friends that make my life awesome.


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