Monday, January 09, 2006

Great Ride

Things have been going well lately in most arenas. This weekend was a lot of fun, got a lot accomplished. Family life is good, more on that later.

I had my Sunday night gathering with my senior high students, we had good attendance. I have begun to put more focus on our topics and where we are going. My focus is on servanthood. I feel that our students need to get involved in service. We will be focusing on our schools, our city, and our local faith community. The Lord showed me a lot of cool things in scripture. I challenged them to begin attending our church on Sunday mornings. I know that may sound weird, but many of our students are from families that don't attend any where. It is imperative that we have all generations playing their part in the body.

This is where the second part of the challenge came in. I am asking them to serve in our children's ministry. When Jesus came he emphasized service. I feel with any follower of Christ that after making the choice to follow Christ that this should be the next step.

I will say that I did way to much talking and not near enough listening, or giving opportunity to dialog about the content. I am still working through how these gatherings should go. Not enough focus and direction and it is confusing, and ambiguous, feeling as it lacks intentionality. This time to much content, and felt more like a sermon. I will continue to work to develop as a leader in this environment.

Tonight I had a great time. I got a call from a friend who wanted to go ride our bikes to hang out for awhile with another friend. The weather was awesome. They were wanting it to just be the guys, but I insisted that I wanted my wife to come. After much scrambling I was able to come up with a sitter last minute. We rode down to Atlantic Station, its a new development in down town Atlanta. We ate at California Pizza Cafe. It was a good time, many laughs. It was fun to be with my wife, we both really enjoy riding together. I love getting out on my bike it is such a freeing experience.

Life in general is good, still seeking God about certain areas of my life.


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