Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The "Conversation"

I am happy to report that my brother and his wife, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Saturday at 5:01pm, Isabella was 8lbs 4oz's. She is awesome. I got to hold her. Each time I get to hold a young baby, I am reminded at the grandness of God. It is awesome. I am looking forward to being a great uncle for her, and of course spoiling her rotten, as much as I can anyway.

Well, I am currently up in Conn. at the university of Yale. I am here for a theological conversation with Miroslav Volf, we are discussing the aspects of Exclusion and Embrace. It has been ok, honestly not what I expected. But it has been good. The high point is meeting new people and the interaction with them in between the conversation. I have had the priviledge of spending time with Doug Pagitt, who came and talked with me and my dad for about a half hour. Then we had time with Brian McLaren, when he came, at the prompting of my friend Josh, to sit with us at our table tonight while we were out hanging out at an establishment. It was cool to hear from him about where Emergent is heading, and what the goals are. He also shared some cool stories.

The best thing has been honestly the time I have been able to spend with my dad. To be able to let my hair down so to speak. We got to come a little early cause we were fly into NYC. I got to eat in the city at Carnagie's Deli, go to the Empire State Building, it was incredible. I also went to Trump Tower, though they told me "The Donald" wasn't available, maybe I will catch him on the way back through.

I am still working through a bit what my future looks like a bit. I have been talking to my dad about things, and that has been good.


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