Saturday, February 04, 2006

Much to do about everything

So so so, it has been quite a while since I have stuck something up in the blogosphere. I guess I have been waiting to see how certain things pan out. I have some areas of my life that I am certain now are going to be shifting. I will go public on them in a bit. Now for a few other personal bits.

First off, this week my son Caleb turned 5, on February 1st. We had a great day. Actually on his birthday we took him along with my parents, and Shana's mom, to the bowling alley. He absolutely loves to go bowling. It was a good time together. Then this year my wife coordinated to have his party at Chuck -e-Cheese. We had some a couple of Caleb's close friends come and hang and our family. Caleb got more presents than you can imagine. He was of course totally delighted, particularly since almost everything was Spiderman stuff.

Today I am at the hospital, my brother is with his wife, and they are giving birth to my niece Isabella Marie. I am so very excited. I am proud of Chad and Annie. They are going to make great parents. More on this in a bit.

And lastly I am making my final read thru Miroslav's books. I have had to do a lot of cramming to get it in, as I have been tied up with some other things. I leave on Monday for Yale. I am looking forward to both the discussion, and the time to hang out with my dad.


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