Sunday, March 26, 2006

Starting a new chapter

Well it has been sometime since I have blogged with any regularity. The reason is because of the changes that have been taking place in my life I haven't been able to disclose what has been going on till tonight. Why tonight you may ask? Well tonight was our business meeting for the church that I have been working for. Tonight our church was told that we were having to lay 3 people off to help our church rectify the financial short comings, and I was one of those who were laid off. Now I will tell you that a few months ago I new that changes had to be made, and I was working to try to free up my salary, so that maybe some others may be spared this.

I have many feelings inside, particularly because my dad and mom planted the church and built it from scratch. The trials that we have faced in the past 2 plus years have been due to the changes being made in regard to how we the church function, and the ethos that wanted our community to take on. I am saddened by the pressure and pain that I have watched my mom and dad go thru, however I am proud at their resolve to carry out the vision that God has given them, one that I must say resonates with me quite well.

So where does that leave me. I have no interest to work for any institution, with the exception of our church, nor am I interested at this time to plant a church of my own. I am interested in securing financial security for my family and its future. I am forming a corporation, and have 2 business ventures that I am pursuing, and I have someone else who has offered to help me get in the building business on the residential side. It will take some time to get that going. Right now I am keeping all my options open, yet going after some of my ideas. As far as making a living, I have been hired as an assistant manager at Quick Trip. It seems to be a great company and I look forward to excelling there, until one of my ventures takes off to the point where it can support me.

As far as my current ministry responsibilities. I am going to as involved as I possibly can in our youth ministry. But am not sure how long that will be able to last. I am proud of a young man that I have been mentoring to take on the youth ministry. I am not sure how much I have helped him though. He has a great heart for ministry and a passion for the kids. Leaving this part of my life behind is no easy thing. So while my position may change, and for a time I may pursue other things for financial reasons. I am not abandoning the call of God on my life, nor my place in the kingdom of God.

I will say that I am exciting to get the opportunity to interact with other people outside of Christians day in and day out. I have to say that my wife has been a huge benefit to me and our family during this time. Her support and encouragement have been awesome.

The atmosphere tonight was encouraging as well. While I am sure that there is gonna be some fall out, the way people applauded and rallied around the vision and the future was awesome. To me it was another pivotal moment in our journey. And I am certain that God is going to do some awesome things through the part of his Church.


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