Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Thoughts about life and the Job

Things are going pretty well right now at the new job, I have been getting high marks on all my daily reviews, and seem to be picking things up pretty well. I do like the job, and it is cool being around others outside of the circle that I have been engulfed in for the past 8 years.

It has given me a new perspective on my faith, in fact it is helping me to discover things about God. When one spends their life in ministry and always being around Christians, and their job is to be spiritual, and help others grow in their relationship with God it can be a bit deceiving in some regards. For instance you can think you are doing really well, when in fact you are just fulfilling your responsibilities as a pastor. Not to say I am doing bad, but it has revealed certain relinquish that I had on certain things, things that created a sense of security in my walk with Christ. I am excited about this next leg of my journey, and want to grow in my understanding of Christ and fulfilling my role as a Christ follower in the world.

Funny story, as you know I work at Quick Trip. So this morning I was ringing someone out they came up with their drink then said "and can I get..." Then they paused and looked at me for a minute intensely, and said, "hey aren't you Jeremy Wolfe, the one from the church?" I said yes, then realizing who each other was. Awkward moment as he was trying to figure out what I was doing here. I asked him "what else was it that you wanted" He says to me "oh nothing just the drink". I was wondering what else he wanted. Did he not get something because it was me, and thought he shouldn't or that it would change my perception of him.

This is so funny to me, and sad. If we as Christ followers could be ourselves and not have to worry about others "judgments" it would be awesome. The sad thing is that no matter what else it was that he wanted it definitely wouldn't have changed my view of who this person was or was not.

Just another example that people feel that the most judged place in the world is the church, instead of being the most loving, gracious and accepting place on the planet. They feel comfortable being themselves outside, or not around christians. Some have begun to change this, I am one, and want others to join in the fun.


Anonymous Josh said...

whats up stranger. just stopping by to see what's going on and i see things have been changing a lot. i hope everything is good. i stopped by the qt this morning on peachtree industrial hoping i'd run into you. you work at that one or the one in buford? are you going to nick's bachelor party? let me know when you guys play poker again.


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