Thursday, March 30, 2006

Tough Talk and the day after

Well last night I told the kids about what choices the church had to make, and that I was impacted with those decisions. It was kinda awkward because this was the night where we were honoring Sean and Salena friends of mine who have served on the youth ministry team for 6 yrs. and are moving to London. They have been preparing for this move for some time now. I wrestled with when to tell the youth, but because of when the church found out, coupled with the fact of one of my new jobs that requires me to work nights I really had to tell them last night. I didn't want them wondering about what was going on with my, why I would be absent so much. I did my best to communicate in a way that would be positive but also set them up for my absence in the future.

One of the things in ministry that is so totally exhausting is all the different angles and emotions of everyone involved whenever you are communicating. And it seems that no matter how hard you try, or whats going on in your heart there are always people who feel that it should have been done different, could have been done better, and so on. Typically that is coupled with the fact that they feel they could have done a better job. It is always so easy to sit and criticize someone else who is making decisions that effect others, but we rarely consider how it effects them personally.

Any way I had a fabulous day with my son today, I am doing my best to make the time I am with him really count, because they will be scarce for a while. My schedule will be anything but normal. I will be working 2-3 jobs, to pay off some of my debt, and position myself to be able to put money into my ventures. We spent almost our entire time outside, playing football, soccer, riding his scooter in the cul de sac, and he helped me to wash my Jeep.

I then came inside to help clean the house for Shana, order is a big part of my life, and if things are crazy schedule wise, having a home that is orderly and kept is very important. Over the next few weeks I will be tackling projects outside getting it up to speed since it is spring time. This is my favorite time of the year, perfect for the Jeep with the top down, or a "casual" and "slow" ride on my bike. I took a Sunday a few weeks ago to ride up to the mountains with my friend Brian, it is very therapeutic.

Anyway I am back to blogging now that everything is out in the open. I don't know what my content will be, most likely less ministry stuff, and more God, family, and business.


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