Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Latest and Greatest

Well things are still on uneven ground in many areas but definitely making progress. I heard an interesting comment by a person who came in QT this week, after reading the headline in the newspaper about the immigration scuttle, this guys says "those bitches can stay at home where they belong..." I wondered what type of work this man was in, I wondered why he had such angst against Hispanic people? Did he not see the help they are to the economy? I thought it was sad to see this type of attitude, I know I have many of my own as well, but I still thought it was sad. I went back to youth this week, and shared what I felt the Lord had put on my heart. I felt it was well received. It was nice being back involved, but I don't know for how long.

Tonight I got a call from yet another person in the church who I think is moving on. In many ways I am so over all of this stuff. I just can't deal with it any more. I guess I take it very personal, and maybe I shouldn't. But they call and like yeah this and that, and then oh yeah how are you doing in your new job. I was like cordial but not much else. In fact when they said they wanted to meet up, I basically said they should talk to who was over their ministry now, and if they were leaving the church that was cool, but there was no need to meet. I think it took them back a bit. I am just not gonna hem haw around, if you wanna go cool, but I have better things to do with my time than leave what little time I have with my family to hear someone sit down to tell me they are leaving. I guess I do still have issues to deal with in that regard, but circumstances are different for me now, and my time is very precious.

Anyway God has shown me some cool things this week, and I am growing in ways I never anticipated, and that is cool.

As for my business things are going great, the site is up and becoming better by the day. It is a lot of work I will tell you that. It will be worth it soon because the response I am getting from people is awesome. I am in Birmingham AL. right now and there is a superbike race here this weekend, so there are tons of riders. I have had the chance to talk with several and they are stoked about the site. We are hoping to have it up in the first full phase by next Friday. After that the goal is 10,000 people in the first month. I have a person who is volunteering there time to be in charge of our sales and marketing. They are great on the phone and passionate about what we are trying to do. This will be a great fit.

I am also contacting some large companies to create win-wins for both them and us, to help take the site to the next level. I figure that at month 3 we will be profitable, and month 6 may need an investor to go to the next level. I am putting leads out right now to journalists who may be interested in hopping on board and writing for CycleSpace, this will prove to be an important part as well. Chad and Darrell are rocking and rolling working hard to accomplish the goals that we have set. I am so antsy to see what happens after this thing rolls out.

We will begin our PR campaign the first week of May, this is also important. Right now my main focus is to get people who are highly influential connectors on board, because when a connector is on board you are set.

Not much else, things are rocky at home, but we will weather the storm, and come through stronger than ever. I love my wife so much her unconditional love, and support of me, even when I don't deserve it is awesome. Hopefully the reward for the sacrifice is just around the corner.


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