Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Let the games begin

Well it is Wednesday, and this begins what is now my weekend if you will, meaning that I have two days off in a row. Today my family and I are heading down to the Aquarium. We only got to see a couple of the exhibits last time down. I am looking forward to the time with the family.

The pace of my life is about to pick up significantly. I will be working 3 jobs, one of which is launching one of my companies, I will be doing lawn maintenance for a builder group, this could grow into something really nice in regard to extra cash. Actually I haven't gotten to the best part of what has transpired yesterday and in the past couple of weeks.

First of all my brother and I are forming our own company, actually it will be the parent company of several ventures that we are working on. I have to say I am super stoked. I am so happy to be able to be doing something like this with my brother. We both share great work ethic which we got from our mom and dad, and we work great together. So anyway yesterday we purchased the domain name for an internet venture which will still remain nameless, but I can tell you that it stands to make us a lot of money. I got the idea a couple of months ago, and developed it to the point where I wanted to act on it. Then I pulled Chad in because, well first and foremost he is my boy, second I would love to see him succeed in a big way, and he offers a lot that will benefit us now and down the road.

We paid $1700 for the domain rights, and I am working on getting the name trademarked, and another name of someone who has a domain name closely linked to try and trip them up a bit and give us a head start. A critical piece to the puzzle was the person who could create programs and write code, that's where Darrell Peden came in, I approached him shared the idea and he liked what he heard. So we have given him stock in the company in return for his ability to help us all be successful.

I am very motivated and extremely focused right now. I am hoping that this will grow into something that I will be able to do things for the people I love, and for my church, that I can't do by simply hitting a clock working for someone else. I am doing that right now as well, and it is going well. I figure if I can work my way up in management it will look good on my resume.

I have seen several people at my new store, and each time it is very amusing to watch people's faces as they look and try to figure out what I am doing working at QT. God is showing me new things and that is cool. But there are also some feelings about all the crap that still keeps hitting my dad and the church, and kinda make me wonder what in the world is up, and just when it will all cool down. But again I must remind myself that God only has so much control, we have a will, and decisions are made. I have peace about pursuing the business side of things, and living for Christ there.


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