Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My so called life

There is a line in Ozzy Osbornes song "road to nowhere" where he says he "remembers all the things he was gonna be" and then he talks about all the things that he isn't. Now I must say that while I never really expected to be working 3rd shift at QT at 31 years old with a family. I will say that I am going somewhere. I have very distinct goals, that I feel can be achieved, given my new environment. I hate working 3rd shift it is screwing up all of my habits and rythems that I have worked to establish. I don't see my wife hardly at all, and wednesday's and thursday's don't feel like the weekend even though they are for me given my new schedule. The person who hasn't felt any effects of this is my son, to him everything is the same, and for that I am very glad.

Things are picking up nicely though, and I don't think I will be working there come summer, maybe till fall we will see. My Cycle shop is doing quite well, and picking up every week. It is now sustaining itself and the one person we have on staff, and making a profit which we are sinking back in the company. I have officially set up my corporation with my brother. Accellerated Enterprises is what we chose, and boy let me tell you that getting a name is very difficult, everyone we tried we couldn't use because it was to much like someone else's. We have a bunch of the code that we need to launch our site, and are working on the additional code that we need.

Now for what it will be. We are launching cyclespace a social network for motorcycle enthuisiasts, I won't bore you with all the goodies we are incorporating into it, but I will post the link once it is up and going, and if you dig motorcycles you can check it out.

So yesterday I was coming home from a long day and saw someone in my neighborhood washing his bike, I passed by and waved, but then I said hey its time to start to get the buzz going. So I backed up and engaged in conversation with him. I asked him if he would dig something like cyclecpace, he siad definitely. As I was leaving I asked if he had a way I could let him know when it is up. He responded with his email address and then told me if I sent it to him he would put it on his motorcycle clubs website. The crazy thing is they are an international, yes I siad international club, they have around 5000 members. He is a leader in the club. How cool is that instant publicity worldwide, right there on their homepage. I was like so stoked. Like I said it shouldn't be long.

In addition to all that I have someone who is taking care of our PR for us for free, I will of course bountifully take care of them when payday comes if you know what I mean. Anyway I just have to grind this phase of my life out, and get where I want to go. And nothing is going to stand in my way or stop me. I know what I want, I can see the picture of who I want to be in the future and I am going for it.


Anonymous Shana said...

Hey babe! I totally believe in you and where we are going. I know I told you this before but I thought you might should hear it again. I love you with all my heart and I can't wait for the next season of our life together! Never a dull moment at least. I am so proud of you and I know that you will succeed, particulary when you have such passion to see something happen.

I love you and am looking forward to our date night!

8:49 AM  

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