Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Well one more day and then I have a couple of days off. Actually I have four days off, cause I am going to my friend Nick's wedding. I was honored that he asked me to be in it. I am looking forward to hanging out with Nick and Josh. I really enjoy their company even though I rarely get to hook up with them due to the changes over the last few months. Today got some pretty good news. It is likely I will start building my first house very soon, we could be closing this week. I am excited about that. I would still have to work at QT but after my first one sold I could quit. I am also gonna buy and sell cars to make a few extra dollars. The money at QT is decent but not enough. I am staying focused on the picture that I have painted for myself, and will continue to work the angles that I need to, to accomplish it. Talk to ya soon.


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