Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Weathering the Storm

It is a crazy thing that in the middle of your adult life that everything shifts in such a way as to create total chaos. I realize many things now about how comfortable I was before. Things are still really difficult for me and my family right now and will be for some time now. I am risking everything for CycleSpace, I have put myself and my family in harms way for the sake of what I believe will be the thing that changes my life forever. I am not backing down not one little bit. My wife and I had a good but difficult talk tonight. She is an incredible women. Time with her is precious because we really only get about an hour a day during the work week, this is very different from where we were before. I see my son some, but not like it used to be.

To add to things it looks like I will be getting a second job. This will be tough but is necessary to make ends meet. It will mean working about 19 hours a day including travel time, sleeping about 3 and 2 hours for family time. Again none of this is disheartening, it is just necessary for the sake of the goal.

CycleSpace is up in its primitive form, we are now making adjustments to make it user friendly and visually appealing. I am also preparing to launch the TV side of it. Tommy Wood is going to shoot some video of me doing some tricks and stuff to upload and get the ball rolling.

I am so looking forward to ending this season but it could be a while. On a personal note I went to my friend Nick's wedding and it was a blast, a true celebration. I also got to hook up with Josh and Anna, they are awesome people, and Shana and I love to hang with them. We hope to be able to spend more time with them. Good times, touch base later, must go to work.


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