Monday, April 17, 2006


Well the pace of life right now sucks, in fact everything sucks except for the one thing I am working on launching which is cyclespace, which is going really well. Aside from that everything else blows, and I mean bad. It is really all that I care about right now. I will succeed through this, and then I am going to change many, many things about my life. The things I am going to change aren't material things, but things that a person can change when they have money. Money brings with it tremendous freedom, and it is that freedom I am striving for. Until that point I am going to trudge through this season of my life. My family life is on the fritz, my son is going through some challenges, and I am not really emotionally available, am at times hard with him, and I hate that. I can't tell ya how bad the schedule of working a 3rd trick job sucks, it has really taken a toll on me and my wife. I do know this I am extremely focused right now. We will be launching the first phase this Friday, and then the Beta release will be the following Friday. Any way just wanted to vent for a bit, this will all be over soon.


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